Birthday Party Idea

At JAM (Junior Art and Music) kids can celebrate a birthday at a fabulously innovative hands-on art and music studio in South Norwalk. JAM ( hosts a themed party of your child’s choice (how about a Jungle JAM or a Princess JAM), and, a local online event planning and marketing service, allows partygoers to make a charitable donation in lieu of gifts. 

The birthday boy or girl keeps half the amount donated, and the other half goes to Share the JAM, a charitable arts program for underprivileged children. Parents can feel good knowing they are planning a party their child will enjoy, while also teaching valuable lessons about the personal satisfaction that comes with helping others. For more information about Jam and party options, go to Be sure to check out the Gallery to get a feel for the possibilities.  
Finally, creating an electronic invitation on Woovite is simple, and with a few clicks invitees can respond and make a secure donation.  From small parties to major fundraisers and corporate gatherings, Woovite is creating memorable moments, one spectacular event at a time.  Connect with Woovite on,  via Twitter@woovite, and to discover all the ways to woo!

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